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Outdoor LCD display

2500-3500 nits brightness for 10-years.

Outdoor digital displays are engineered and designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor environments, providing brilliant, crisp image quality, even in direct sunlight.

  • 2500-3500 nits brightness for 10-years
  • Sizes: 32”, 43”, 46”/47”, 49”, 55”, 65”’, 75”, 86”, 98”
  • Single and double-sided configurations
  • Free-standing, wall mount, over/under mount, panel mount
  • Future-proof design with upgradeable components
  • Lowest TCO over technology lifetime

Other features:

Temperature Sensor, Auto-Brightness Sensor, Pixel Sensor, Cooling Fans, Energy Saver Mode, File Play with USB, Internal Memory (8 GB or above), Easy Brightness Control, Content Scheduling, Remote Management, Multi-Language OSD etc.

The outdoor digital signage normally includes: Dynamic Advertising / Out Of Home Advertising / Electronic billboards

As well as our range of outdoor signage enclosures, we offer digital signage solutions from portrait to landscape interactive kiosks as well as signage networks including “side of building signage” and gas pump digital signage solutions

Our outdoor digital signage kiosk comes with commercial grade screens, network media players and full outdoor protection, so no matter how hot or cold the climate is,these outdoor advertising units will work all year through

Features: Branded commercial grade screen / Network media player / Thermostatic heating and cooling / Anti vandal protection / Toughened safety glass with anti reflective coating

Usage: Car washes / Outside hotels / Outside drive thru restaurants / Car dealerships / Mom and Pop stores / Theme parks / Dentists / Realty agents / Government premises

Standard Features

How can our displays withstand the outdoor environment.

Readable On The Sun.

Every YEROO TECH outdoor LCD display is purpose-built to handle the harshness of the environment where it will live. Its 3500 nit brightness keeps content crystal clear and bright, even in direct sunlight. Never worry again about displays being too dim during the day or too bright at night with our brightness controll system. Using light sensor together with remote brightness control features, built-in our content management system. Able to provide the best visual image quality possible, rain or shine.

The heat control system allows displays to continue at peak performance at any ambient temperature from -40°C to +50°C. This is achieved without the use of air conditioners or air filters so the power draw on the display remains low and the probability of condensation and dust particles reaching the internal electronics is eliminated.

Tough Where You Need It

Rain or snow, dust and dirt, YEROO TECH LCD Displays are 100% protected from the elements. The closed loop cooling system means no air filters to maintain, and ensures protection of all internal components from atmospheric pollutants and humidity.The 3+3 mm laminated cover glass ensures protection of the LCD from vandalism, kicked-up debris, and destructive storms.

In Everything, Energy Efficient.

YEROO TECH outdoor LCD displays typically consume 50% less power while still outperforming every other outdoor display in the world. This is achieved with high-efficiency LEDs that are dynamically adjusted based on the active content on the display, along with our energy efficient cooling system. This also improves visual image quality in all lighting conditions as dark colors and blacks appear much deeper, providing a significant boost to contrast ratio.

Just Add Power.

This is a true plug & play solution that includes everything required for outdoor displays including the media player, power management system, data connections, and IP65 environmental rating. Displays are pre-loaded with the client’s preferred content management software and connected to their Network Operating Center (NOC) prior to shipment, so that installation is as easy as connecting power and data. Remote control by computer to manage the content will be much easier with our management software.

Beautiful and Brainy.

Our displays enable you to remote control the content performance, change contents anytime you need. Also, remote brightness control, remote power on/off, remote ungrade etc. This content management system also including multi-screen synchronization feature, which enable you control all displays that belongs to you, no need to set each displays at same second. More functions under developing…


Standard Features

Outdoor Applications